Vibrant Village Foundation

Vibrant Village Foundation invests in the potential of communities around the world by supporting initiatives promoting nutrition and health, clean water, agriculture, education, arts and economic development. In 2014, this organization generously provided funding for WEIF's agricultural development activities in Dahanu, India. This project is providing agricultural resources and training to 250 women in remote tribal communities to promote gender equality, food security, and alleviate poverty.

Luke Four Foundation

WEIF is extremely grateful to the Luke Four Foundation, who supported our program promoting food security and gender equality in Bihar, India. This project is helping communities recover and thrive—creating brighter futures for children and their families.

Your Tea: ChariTea

Your Tea is an international company that provides herbal teas and health knowledge to promote balance and wellness. In May 2014, Your Tea selected WEIF to participate in their ChariTea program—a portion of the company's profits were donated in support of our Manthan Program in Bihar. WEIF extends sincere thanks to Your Tea for their generosity and willingness to share our story on their company website.

Afsana Dance Group

Afsana is an all-female Bollywood and Classical Fusion dance group, raising awareness about WEIF and donating the proceeds from two of their upcoming performances to our projects. We are grateful to these talented ladies for their generosity and creative approach to supporting poverty alleviation and gender empowerment.

Check out their Facebook page and keep an eye open for upcoming performances!

Bridge Street United Church Foundation

The Bridge Street United Church Foundation provided $3,000 to support WEIF's HIV/AIDS outreach program, which provides urgent medical care and support to pregnant women living with HIV in inner-city slums of Mumbai, India.

Trinity Jubilee Foundation

The Trinity Jubilee Foundation is a charitable organization focused on supporting projects aimed at improving the well-being of some of the disadvantaged in society, in both Canada and developing countries around the world.

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Charity Pot

WEIF is extremely pleased to announce its ongoing partnership with LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. Through LUSH's Charity Pot Program, WEIF has received support for a three-year expansion of its successful Village Improvement Program. Beginning in 2013, women in Ghadne and Dongripada—villages surrounding the Nareshwadi Learning Centre—were trained in sustainable agriculture to promote food security and financial independence with the generosity of LUSH. In June 2015, LUSH supported additional women in the neighboring villages of Navapada, Khadikipada and Shisane.

WEIF is now pleased to announce that the Village Improvement Program has expanded into Bihar, India’s second poorest state, where women in the villages of Padampur and Sattarkattaiya will receive support from LUSH beginning in July 2015.

The Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO)

The Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO) supports educators in improving the learning environment for elementary students in Ontario and in the broader global community. This includes supporting projects that promote social justice and access to education internationally. In February 2015, the ETFO agreed to support the training of teachers in Bihar to improve the quality of education provided through our Manthan program. This training will ensure children will receive a high quality education from committed and qualified teachers. WEIF is grateful to ETFO for extending their giving spirit and enthusiasm for education to the very under-served communities of Bihar.

Anna Appearances

WEIF was moved and inspired by an e-mail about an extraordinary young person who is making a difference in the lives of children at home and abroad. Though only 17 years old, Maria Park is a role model for young girls in more way than one. Maria started her own project, Anna Appearances, with the sole purpose of making children smile and raising funds to support the education of underprivileged youth. Dressed as Princess Anna from the Disney film Frozen, Maria is creating very special memories for children and their families in Corner Brook, South Shore, North Shore and Pasadena areas of Newfoundland. We are honoured that Maria has chosen to support WEIF in our Manthan program, and cannot thank her enough for her generosity and for the reminder that uplifting communities often begins with lifting spirits.

Anna Appearances can also be found on Facebook.

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