Women's Empowerment International Foundation was incorporated and registered under Alberta's Societies Act on November 22, 2002. WEIF received its registration and status as a charitable organization effective January 1, 2004 from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Since 2004, WEIF has supported over 1,000 underprivileged and orphaned students from Northern Pakistan and Mumbai, India by defraying their tuition fees.

WEIF's first educational infrastructure project in 2006 was the construction of a Girls' High School in Rahimabad, Gilgit, Northern Areas of Pakistan. Click for more info.

In 2006, WEIF funded the construction of a two-classroom extension to the existing community school in Nomal, Gilgit, Northern Areas of Pakistan. Click for more info.

In 2008, in collaboration with the local communities, WEIF initiated the construction of an English Medium School, in Arkari, District of Chitral, North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. Click for more info.

In 2009, WEIF undertook a pilot project "Peer Lending Circles", a microcredit project aimed at assisting women in Northern Areas of Pakistan to establish small businesses, achieve economic independence, and alleviate poverty. Click for more info.

Also in 2009, WEIF partnered with Al-Noor Organization Lasht (ANMOL) to address the lack of educational facilities catering to young children (ages 3 to 6) in the district of Chitral, Gilgit-Baltistan Province, Pakistan. This project was completed in December 2010. Click for more info.

In 2010, WEIF partnered with ANMOL to construct a health clinic in remote communities of Owir, Chitral, Northern Pakistan. The clinic was completed in 2012 and presently serves three villages. Click for more info.

In 2012, WEIF partnered with GVET on Yuvak—Apna Bhavishya (Youth—Our Future), a multi-faceted project aimed at improving the lives of children and their families in Dahanu Taluka, India by providing education, health services, and economic opportunity. While developing infrastructure at the Nareshwadi Learning Centre, WEIF and GVET are equipping remote tribal communities with the tools to ensure their children lead healthy, fulfilling lives. This project is funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and Alberta's Community Initiatives Program (CIP). Click for more info.

Also in 2012, WEIF partnered with GVET to build a school aimed at improving the education of the children at Nareshwadi Learning Centre. This school is funded by Alberta's Community Initiatives Program (CIP), WEIF's donors and Somaiya Trust. Click for more info.

In 2013 and 2014, WEIF partnered with LUSH Cosmetics in support of our Village Improvement Initiative in rural India. This project provides agricultural resources and training to women in remote, tribal communities to promote food security and gender equality while curbing migration and extreme poverty. In 2015, Lush supported an additional 200 women in the villages of Dundhalwadi and Shisane in this region. Click for more info.

In late 2013, WEIF and SAHAS launched a Community Care and Support Program (CCSP) in Mumbai, India that provides personalized support to individuals living with HIV in the poorest areas of the city. This program includes training outreach workers and nurses to provide ongoing care to HIV-infected individuals while developing and distributing educational resources to prevent the spread of HIV while reducing stigma for those infected or affected by the disease. Click for more info.

Also in 2013, WEIF and Alberta's Community Initiative Program (CIP) partnered with Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) to support four supplementary school programs and rebuild two educational facilities in Bihar, the second poorest state in India. WEIF is working with communities to develop a Village Improvement Program (VIP) to promote sustainable livelihoods in the region. Click for more info.

In 2015, WEIF partnered with LUSH Cosmetics in support of our Village Improvement Inititative in the State of Bihar, which is also supported by the Girivanivasi Educational Trust (GVET) and staff at the Nareshwadi Learning Centre. Click for more info.

Also in 2015, the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO) provided to support to teachers in Bihar to upgrade their training and elevate the quality of education available to children in remote communities. Click for more info.

In 2016, WEIF completed construction on two full time schools, one in Bodhgaya and the other in Parsoni, Bihar. These schools complement the Manthan supplementary schooling program WEIF was supporting in the region, and these programs are now sustainably operated by WEIF's partner organization and the Government of India.

Also in 2016, WEIF concluded our Village Improvement Programs in Bihar, and in the villages of Dundhalwadi and Shisane, Maharashtra. The women who participated in these initiatives are now able to sustainably generate their own incomes without further support.

Also in 2016, WEIF initiated our comprehensive Maternal and Child Health project in both rural Maharashtra, and the slums of Sion, Mumbai, with our partners SAHAS and GVET.

In 2017, WEIF will continue to promote sustainability in our Maternal and Child Health project, and in 2018 we will wrap up this final project and discontinue international work.

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