Health Clinic in Owir, Pakistan

In 2010, WEIF partnered with Al-Noor Mountain Organization Lasht (AMOL) to construct a health clinic to serve remote communities of Owir, Northern Pakistan. Thanks to support of individual and coporate donors and the dedication of local volunteers, construction of the Clinic was completed in August 2012: as it becomes operational in the coming months, the clinic will serve 3 remote villages of Owir, which currently do not have access to any health facilities.

The clinic has the capacity to treat both male and female patients in a hygienic environment, and will focus on reaching out to community women who are often hesitant to utilize health services. A local nurse will provide basic training and information on nutrition, health, and wellness to encourage women to adopt healthy lifestyles and remove any fears they may have about utilizing the clinic's services. The Clinic is complete with residential facilities for non-local nurses and doctors. The Health Department of Chitral's Provincial Government will provide a doctor and nurse and medications to the clinic. WEIF will train and support an addition nurse who will work full time at the clinic and support Canadian medical professionals to undertake short-term assignments at the Clinic and help train the local nurse.

WEIF is extremely proud to announce the completion of this project, and thanks all donors, volunteers, and staff for their contributions.

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