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WEIF relies on the open-heartedness of donors like you. It is our policy that 100% of all donations are invested directly into the communities where we work. We understand that you want to know exactly how your donation makes a difference.

A one-time or monthly recurring donation of the amounts listed below can instill meaningful, lasting change.

  • $5000 to construct a room at a Health Clinic and Women's Wellness Clinic in Saharsa, Bihar, India. The room can be dedicated in your name or the name of your loved one.
  • $5000 to construct a room for the school in the name of your loved one.
  • $600 to dig a bore-well in a remote village.
  • $500 towards a micro-credit loan to an entrepreneurial woman.
  • $400 to purchase a cow—and you get to name the cow!
  • $200 to purchase a desk for two children for the Manthan Schools in Bihar.
  • $200 per year to provide supplementary nutrition to a child in need.
  • $50 to sponsor education for a child in Bihar for one year.
  • $50 to help a woman establish a vegetable and floriculture plantation.
  • $32 per month (or $380 per year) to provide education to a child.

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