Diamond Jubilee Girls' High School

Rahimabad, Gilgit-Baltistan, Northern Pakistan

In 2006, through the generous support of WEIF’s donors, Alberta’s Wild Rose Foundation, and the communities of Rahimabad, our organization facilitated the construction of the first self-sustaining school in Gilgit-Baltistan, now proudly serving 500 students. (Click here for comments and letters of appreciation for WEIF's generous donors)

The Aga Khan Education Services, Pakistan (AKES,P) has designated this school as a "Center of Educational Excellence". This status was achieved through the diligent hard work of Faculty members of the Aga Khan University’s Professional Development Centre, North (AKU-PDCN) and by teachers of the DJ Community Girls High School. The President of Regional Council Gilgit in his opening remarks stated: "We have come to select your school to develop it as a Center of Educational Excellence, but based on what I have seen here this already seems to be a model for many schools in Gilgit-Baltistan." In support of the school’s further development. AKES,P has provided new computers, recruited outstanding teachers and a new headmaster, and will be constructing a new examination hall in 2012-2013.

We are pleased to honour our donors with a Donors Tribute and Wall of Fame.

Comments and Letters of Appreciation from Local Community Members and Students

"The school construction project was approved by WEIF as a gesture of good-will and their commitment for the poor women and children of Rahimabad. Since its outset the project has been a source of wonder, fascination and inspiration for various reasons: first, as a result of the high motivation, ownership and contribution of the local community (including that of village women) the project completed in one and a half year which is, according to many, a very short period for such a grand building. Secondly, many technical people think that the total amount spent on the project (i.e. Rs: 7 million) is much less than what it would cost if this would be a government project. For some it is a project of at least Rs: 15 million. Third, since the entire village community considered it as their" project, everyone including children, women and men participated in the manual work of the project. It was amazing how this project brought harmony and unity among the village community. The pictures of women and children involved in the physical work displayed in the school corridors are an ongoing source of inspiration for the frequent visitors to the school. Lastly, the high motivation, increasing morale and the deep sense of students' and teachers' gratitude since they have moved into the new building is worth-seeing.

Everyone in the school- the head teacher, teachers, students and the school committee- is doing his/her best to help the school come up as a center of excellence. Over the last four months hundreds of visitors including some very high profile dignitaries such as the German Ambassador to Pakistan, the Chief Executive Officer of Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan, and the Director, Aga Khan University-Institute for Educational Development (AKU-IED), visited the school and expressed their appreciation for the generosity of the worthy donors and the hard work of the village community for doing such an excellent job.

A group of 45 Government School Head teachers attending a professional development program at Aga Khan University's Professional Development Center, North (AKU-PDCN) visited Rahimabad School as it was a planned activity in the training program to show them a role model school.

The story of Rahimabad School is a story of success which illustrates the deep-rooted motivation and unity of village community (specially that of women) to transform their destinies, the generosity and care of the kind donors and the commitment of the Women Empowerment International Foundation (WEIF) to help the poor women of the world break the shackles of horrible poverty and be able to live with honor and dignity."

Dr. Moladad Shafa

Head of Aga Khan University's Professional DevelopmeCentre, North (PDCN) and WEIF's agent for Pakistan's Northern Areas

Computer and Science Laboratories in Nomal, Gilgit, Northern Areas, Pakistan

In 2006, through the generous support of our donors and the community of Nomal, WEIF contributed towards the building of a two-classroom extension to the D.J. Nomal Community High School. This two room expansion is fully operational with computers and science laboratory equipment.

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