Celebrating WEIF's First Project

WEIF's first project, the Rahimabad School in Gilgit-Balistan, Pakistan, was honoured on May 24, 2016 by a visit from Princess Zahra and Prince Rahim Aga Khan. This is a proud moment for WEIF and reflects the sustainable change that we have made in Gilgit-Balistan through access to education.

In 2006, through the generous support of our donors, Alberta's Wild Rose Foundation, and the communities of Rahimabad, WEIF facilitated the construction of the first self-sustaining school in Gilgit-Baltistan, which was completed in 2008. This project was notable for the high level of community buy-in, as all men, women and children in the community helped with its construction. Following completion of the school, the Aga Khan Education Services, Pakistan (AKES-P) designated this school as a "Center of Educational Excellence", a status achieved through the diligent hard work of faculty members of the Aga Khan University's Professional Development Centre, North (AKU-PDCN) and the teachers of the Diamond Jubilee Community Girls High School. Over the past seven years, the school has continued to build its reputation for excellence, and has served as a model for other schools in the region. Currently, the Diamond Jubilee Model High School in Rahimabad is one of 106 Aga Khan Schools in Gilgit-Baltistan serving more than 23,000 children in the region and it has continued to expand its facilities to reflect its commitment to early childhood education.

WEIF continues to be inspired by the communities where we work, and by the multiple generous donors that support our work, and we are incredibly proud that the Diamond Jubilee Model High School has continued to provide quality education to children in the region. As our first project, this school has enabled us to build on its achievements and continue to raise funds to make other projects like this possible.

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