Arkari Education Hub

English Medium High School, Arkari, District of Chitral, North West Frontier Province of Pakistan

In 2008, with a generous contribution from the Alberta Wild Rose Foundation, WEIF initiated the construction of an English Medium School in Arkari—one of the most remote regions of Chitral (Northwest frontier province, Pakistan), in the village of Sufaid Biyar. The school follows the model of the DJ Community High School in Rahimabad, Gilgit, Pakistan. The Arkari Education Hub accommodates the English Medium School (EMS) and an Early Childhood Education Development School, with a Girls' Hostel proposed to be built on the upper level of the building. The Hub will provide exemplary educational facilities and classrooms for over 500 primary, secondary, and college students.

The Hub provides educational facilities and classrooms for primary, secondary and college students. The English Medium School (EMS) has created opportunities for many children and young adults to pursue their education and fulfill their dreams.

Enrolling 147 students in its first year of operation, the Arkari Education Hub presently serves 233 students, with a gradual climb expected to continue into 2011. With funding from AL-Noor Mountain Organization Lasht (ANMOL), seven new teachers were hired in 2010 to accommodate the growth of the school. The hard work of students and staff at the English Medium School illustrates the Project's success as a centre for academic excellence and community improvement: students collaborate and support their younger peers through their school work, and have mobilized volunteers to clean the streets in surrounding areas.

We are pleased to honour our donors with a Donors Tribute.

Girls' Hostel at Arkari Hub

"Because my parents were not able to pay for college education out of Chitral, I remained at home like many of my friends. At that time, I never thought that it would be possible for me to be a college student. Suddenly, we heard the wonderful news that a college was going to open in our area through WEIF's generosity. This was excellent news for us. Our parents are very poor and did not have sufficient amount to pay for our college and hostel costs outside Chitral. This college will play an important role in providing education for girls. One day we will be able to stand on our own feet, we will not remain dependent for much longer," said Bibi Amina, a student who comes from a family of 10, and whose parents work as farmers in the community.

A primary objective of this project was increasing enrolment and retention of female students in the area, who must overcome serious obstacles in order to complete their education and lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Construction of a Girls' Hostel on the second floor of the Hub was initiated in 2011, and completed in the summer of 2012. The new Hostel is providing exemplary living quarters for girls and young women as they progress through their primary, secondary, and post-secondary education. WEIF extends sincere gratitude to all donors and volunteers who made this project possible.

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