Women's Empowerment International Foundation (WEIF) is a registered Canadian charity (RR #89650 1806 RR0001) located in Edmonton, Alberta. It operates on the principle that long-term social change is most effectively accomplished through initiatives that promote self-sufficiency and sustainability. It believes that through a multi-faceted approach of education, health care and empowerment of women, the entire families and communities will succeed in creating permanent and positive changes and create the sustainability necessary to eliminate poverty and work towards a more just and peaceful world.

WEIF is a small, Edmonton-based organization managed by dedicated team of board members and volunteers. Our multi-faceted approach to poverty alleviation empowers individuals and communities through access to education, health services, and economic opportunity. Since 2006, WEIF has been instrumental in the development of 13 educational facilities in India and Pakistan, assisting hundreds of entrepreneurial women through a micro-lending program in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan, and constructing a health clinic in Owir, Pakistan.

In India, WEIF has succeeded in developing a hub of education and health services in rural Maharashtra state, promoting food security and gender equality through agriculture in communities across Maharashtra and Bihar, developing four after-school program and two full-time schools in Bihar, and supporting outreach work for women and children living with HIV/AIDS in the slums of Mumbai. Currently, WEIF is completing our final project, a comprehensive maternal and child health initiative in Maharashtra state focused on improving health literacy and access for underserved women and their families. Following completion of this project in 2018, we intend to cease international operations.

"Every dollar in the hands of a woman will create positive change in her family."

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