Final Thoughts

WEIF has made the difficult decision not to take on any new projects, and following the completion of our Maternal and Child Health initiative in 2018, we will be halting our international operations. However, we are proud of the legacy that we are leaving behind after more than 13 years of empowering women and youth in central and south Asia. Looking back over our years of work, we are honoured by the many opportunities we have had to work in so many inspiring communities, and we recognize that none of our accomplishments would have been possible without the ongoing support of our generous donors and partners. From all of us at WEIF, thank you and we hope that you will continue your support for these important issues in the years to come.

News & Updates

Letter from our Partner
The work that WEIF has done over the years would not have been possible without our partnerships across India and Pakistan. The Girivanvasi Educational Trust (GVET) has provided on the ground management of numerous initiatives over the years, and here they reflect on everything we have accomplished together.
Update on Maternal and Child Health
In 2016, WEIF began our final project, a comprehensive maternal and child health initiative focused both in the Warli tribal communities of Palgar District in Maharashtra State and on the slums of Sion, Mumbai. WEIF is proud to have incorporated numerous successful aspects of our previous initiatives into a comprehensive program to improve nutrition, health access, health literacy, and pre- and post-natal care for underserved mothers and their families across India.
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